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Beautiful Glass Pendants
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Craft Room Organization and Improvements

Tonight I posted a video I vowed never to do....give the world a look into my craft room. Now even the most organized person in the world can get messy when they are crafting. Ideas and inspiration appear...and our little hands go to work.

I've decided to do a series of videos just on the transformation of my craft room. We purchase a new home (new to us) just one year ago. I have, by choice, migrated my craft room to the basement which is partially finished (just the ceiling is open on part of the area). I am going to transform my craft room from it's purest form...which is spacious and organized, coordinated and by all means cute!

Here are some of the pictures before I moved my things down there. The photo of my husband is where my space actually is now. We moved his office, or most of it upstairs. The other photos are of the rest of the basement which you can clearly see are very spacious.

I am vowing to do this project on a budget. We've discussed in the last months that we need to evaluate want versus need like most Americans.

I'm going to do my very best and take all my crafter friends along for the ride. I would be very appreciative if any of you have ideas or tips to help along the way!

Please be patient as this is not going to happen like it does on TV! It will be over a span of time like most of us have to work into our lives and check books!

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