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Beautiful Glass Pendants
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Bottle Swaps

If you love to swap, there's a new type of swap out there that is so much fun!  Bottle Swaps!  I received my first last week and it was like getting a treasure! I can't even imaging what the postman thought when he delivered it!

If you're interested in be part of a 2 liter bottle swap send your name and address to: by July 1st.  Deadline for the swap to be mailed will be August 1st.

In the comments section and/or in your email please specify your likes and dislikes to help your partner fill your bottle with things you love.


CottageBliss said...

I'd love to see a photo of your 'Bottle Swap' item.

Love your blog!

blondie7594 said...

Please sign me up! I love kraft, cocoa, expresso browns and sage green. I am addicted to ribbon, stamps, flowers and charms. I love anything vintage. I love dark chocolate candies.I have done 1 bottle swap before, u can watch my video on youtube.


Lori said...

I'd love to try this! I have never done one before. I watched your video of how to put one together just today! Sounds like alot of fun.

Robin M said...

Hi Joann,
I would love to join your Bottle Swap. I've seen a lot of videos on these and never sent one. Would love to join this swap.

JoAnn said...

This seems like a lot of fun. I would love to be in your bottle swap. I enjoy your videos.


Robin M said...

What I love...
Chocolate & Candy...ribbons, charms...bling.
I love flowers...I do like vintage stuff... Tim Holtz stuff. Foo foo stuff. I'm surrounded by men...(3 including my hubby) K&Company Grand Adhesive stuff. Anything above all, anything foo foo and girly.
Thanks for hosting this JoAnn.