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Beautiful Glass Pendants
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Card Swap

Hi Crafters!

This week I received a card in the mail from my very first card swap. It was from Chris Nolting of Orange Park, FL. The theme was Teddy Bears. The card was lovely and showed wonderful originality. Though cutsy things like teddy bears are not my thing, I do like this card as it is not too....over the top cutesy.

My biggest gripe about the scrapbooking magazines right now is that almost every one you pick up is kid themed. Now, while I do like kids, during this point in my life, I have no little kids or grandkids. I think they could at the very least try to balance out their techniques and layouts to those who have more mature taste. Even some that do have little ones, aren't into scrapbooking balloons, dollies and fire trucks.

I'll post the card I sent out in this swap as well as soon as I have it finished. Hopefully I can keep within the theme but keep the feel a little more mature.

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